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Framing A Nursery Wall Art Print

Once you have made your purchase, if you choose one of our personalised nursery wall art prints,or nursery wall art sets, chances are you will require a frame.


"We are often get asked how best to frame the prints we sell. You can of course take a print to the framing shop, but this is not always an affordable/convenient option".


All our artworks are produced in metric scale, so are compatible with the ready made frames available on the high street. Many high street shops now sell frames, from the likes of, The Range, Next, Tesco, B&Q, Dunelm, Wilko's, Habitat, Ikea and Ebay.

All have lots of choice, of size, colours, finishes and with or without mounts (window). Just take your time to consider your print will more likely be hung in a nursery/child's room so acrylic glazing is generally safest.


Once you know the size of your print, look for frames either at that size or larger with a mount inside that will fit your print. For example, you can purchase frames that are 500 mm x 400 mm in overall size with a 400 mm x 300 mm mount inside. When shopping around you will notice that frames always state the size of the frame and the size of the mount aperture (window) inside.

As best practice, we would always recommend a mount around the print, as not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but is also a key element in the presentation and protection of your artwork keeping the print away from touching the glazing.


You will need to have your frame, your print and a roll of either framers tape, or a cheaper option is masking tape.

Remove all packaging from your frame, place face down and take out the backing board, paper insert and the mount. Take a look at the glass/acrylic inside, and give it a clean with a suitable cleanser.

Taking the mount, place on the table face down and lay your print over the aperture also face down. Using your tape, cut 4 small slithers to tack the corners down. Hold up your print to see if its sitting straight within the mount, and adjust as needed.

Once you are happy with its placement, cut long strips of masking tape and run these along the edges of your print and onto the mount, making sure the tape is nicely smoothed out and adhered before popping it back into the frame. Replace the backing board, discard the paper insert and push the clips back down to hold in place. It really is that easy.


One thing to stress when choosing where to hang or display your framed print is be mindful of direct sunlight. Prolonged, direct sunlight will have an adverse effect on the chemicals within the inks and cause the print to fade. All our prints are produced using genuine Canon ink using Chromalife 100+ technology, to ensure a long life for the print as long as they are displayed correctly.

If you would like any further advise regarding you print or framing , do not hesitate to contact us, as well as producing fully personalised nursery wall art prints we are also qualified picture framers.

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